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If you have had recent water damage to your home or business, one of the aftermath challenges that happens is the growth of mold. Mold consists of small spores that grow in water damaged floors, walls and other damp areas. Getting rid of mold spores entirely is nearly impossible and they can continue to grow for quite some time on your property without your knowledge. You could end up having troubles with allergies or respiratory conditions if you come into contact or inhale them. Therefore, it is important to call Action1Restoration of Waterbury for mold remediation and we can help remove any potential water issues the mold is forming from.

Mold Inspections

Removing black mold should happen in a systematic way. Our service technicians inspect your property to find any potential mold infestations. After the inspection is done, our team gets busy and removes the mold. Any areas affected by mold are treated with a disinfectant to prevent re-growth. Your property is left mold-free and clean.

Experienced Services

Experience is one of the biggest advantages of A1R of Waterbury over the competition. We employ some of the most skilled and experienced professionals in the city, with years of experience in handling mold removal cases under their belt. They know exactly what it takes to properly remove molds from buildings.

Specialty Equipment

Only industrial-style equipment is used on every one of our jobs. This lets us complete our work efficiently and quickly so that your life is not disrupted any more than necessary. We make certain that the chemicals used will not cause any potential health problems. Feel free to ask our representatives what equipment is being used before we begin the process.

Highly Trained

Our specialists know exactly how to approach the problem. They have the know-how necessary to make a reliable assessment of your property for mold-related damage. They have an extensive knowledge of the different types of mold and they are able to use such knowledge to determine what equipment and procedures will work best for you. We place a high value on ongoing training and certifications that our team members need to have.

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Why Choose Action 1 Restoration of Waterbury For Mold Services!

Action1Restoration of Waterbury has dedicated itself to ensuring homes and businesses in the Waterbury Connecticut have a company they are able to call when a mold remediation emergency occurs. Our Waterbury team is available 24 hours a day and we have personnel available even at night in case someone needs emergency services. We do our best to come to your place and fix the problem even in the late hours of the night.

We offer the following emergency mold services:

  • Estimate and assess damage - Especially for water and fire damage. They can both result in mold contamination in the future.
  • Eliminate the moisture source - In case you are not sure where the water is getting in, give us a call so that we can assist you in locating the source and fixing the problem.
  • Removal of dead mold: Dead mold can still mean hazards in the future to both your physical health and your property. As such, the immediate cleaning and disinfection of affected areas needs to happen.
  • Contain further mold spread in infected areas - To learn how large the mold contamination is, our specialized team can come out to house to conduct an inspection so that we can tell you how severe your mold infestation is. After the inspection is conducted, the area will be treated to prevent further mold spread.
  • Inventory of affected possessions - It might be really difficult to really know how much damage has been done in your property and possessions. We will help you identify the damaged parts of your abode and the affected possessions.

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