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When confronted with mold troubles, the best place to ask for help is Action1Restoration Norwalk. To provide your business or home with the best mold remediation services we use the finest tools, gear and team members. With all the types and spread of mold that you may be faced with it, it is essential for you to hire mold experts to get rid of the problem for you. Action 1 Restoration of Norwalk’s goals are to provide some of the highest quality workmanship at reasonable prices that is based on the job, materials needed and man hours needed to restore your home. Our staff of specialists will conduct a comprehensive investigation of your mold issue to ensure all mold is removed from affected areas. Call us immediately when you detect signs of mold. Water leaks, the smell of mold, and continuous headaches are some of the major signs that you have a mold problem.

Mold Inspections

It all starts with a diligent assessment of the test results to determine the appropriate mold removal solutions. A certified inspection can help analyze the development of mold and how extensive the damage is. Without a certified mold inspection & testing, it's difficult to pinpoint the moisture level and what needs to be done to make sure it's regulated.

Experienced Services

An experienced service is based on delivering an expert service. And in light of this, our team members are always trained to be nothing short of totally certified every single time. Apart from our partners doing criminal background checks, we use only the best training and motivation to encourage the techs. Plus, you can witness how experienced we are by hiring our mold removal experts.

Specialty Equipment

Removing mold isn't easy and it takes high quality equipment to get the job done from start to finish. This handpicked specialty equipment is what allows us to properly finish every job no matter how gnarly. We take pride in the peace of mind our customers have from knowing the five-star quality we put into every job we work.

Highly Trained

Possessing the right training is essential to finishing projects like mold removal. Our team are the best in the business and are equipped to take care of many complex matters in removing mold infestations in the home or business. From the first assessment of the state of the property to the repair of its damages, our team gets the job done right.

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Why Choose Action 1 Restoration of Norwalk For Mold Services!

When large amounts of mold area discovered it can seem like an emergency. Although it can be difficult to gauge the amount of mold that is in the attic or behind walls, it needs to be removed and remediated immediately, particularly if it happens to be black mold. For instance, if part of your ceiling were to suddenly give way, it might reveal a heavy contamination of mold. It may be an emergency, especially if it is black mold. That's not something you should even think about cleaning up by yourself unless you have training in the remediation of mold. You might end up with more problems later if it is handled improperly. Our team is available 24/7 to respond to mold emergencies. Fast disaster response is something our teams have all been trained for.

Learn About Our Process

A1R in Norwalk is capable of handling any type of mold that you might find growing inside your home. We can deal with any size mold removal project, from small to large. Our team members apply a robust process that eliminates mold successfully. Only the safest, latest and most eco-friendly mold removal equipment and solutions are used by our teams. We always follow a highly systematic process in order to get rid of unwanted mold. Our team members always wear uniforms while performing the most effective mold removal solutions. The first step is to inspect your property so that the areas needing treatment can be identified. Once those are identified, the mold will be removed from infested areas getting treated using only the best solutions and cleaners the industry has to offer. We will then disinfect all the areas that have been treated and apply sealants so that moisture is prevented from entering your property. The sealants are a crucial final step that keeps issues from happening again in the future.

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