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If you ever get confronted with mold problems, then you shouldn't handle them alone. Your smart move is requesting the assistance of Action 1 Restoration of New Haven. The best tools, devices and team members are used by our team to deliver quality mold remediation services for either your office or house. The type and scope of the mold you are faced with is why experts need to be hired to handle this type of problem for you. We here at A1R of New Haven are pleased to deliver the services that our customers deserve. Our company of experts will perform a thorough investigation of your mold problem to ensure we eliminate all the mold affected areas. Any time you find signs of mold you should call us right away. Water leaks, the smell of mold, and continuous headaches are some of the major signs that you have a mold problem.

Mold Inspections

We use an involved, intricate mold removal process. Our firm ensures that we get rid of mold and keep it from returning by cleaning every inch of your house or business. The whole area is remediated in our mold removal process. Afterward, we evaluate the area, dehumidify it, sanitize it and make sure it is completely free of mold.

Experienced Services

Experience is necessary when it comes to dealing with a mold infestation. Our mold remediation specialists here at Action1Restoration of New Haven are among the most experienced techs that you can find in the city. Trained to take on the different kinds of molds and eliminate them right at their roots, they have the know-how to fix your mold issues quickly and effectively.

Specialty Equipment

You'll find that our specialized equipment can handle every type of mold job and can help get the job done every step of the way. We know how to handle every single job from start to finish. There's no worrying when you call us: we get the job done fast and leave you happy and satisfied with the results.

Highly Trained

Mold is very tricky to remove and only those with the proper training and skills can do so successfully. Therefore, we try to only employ individuals who attend our specialized training and workshops to ensure that they are the best in the business. Once they have graduated from this training, they are well versed int he procedures, equipment, and processes for the complete elimination of mold. This high level of training is one of the reasons that we are so effective in eliminating mold infestations.

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Why Choose Action 1 Restoration of New Haven For Mold Services!

When large amounts of mold area discovered it can seem like an emergency. Although it’s hard to gauge just how much mod there is behind the walls or in the attic, you need to get this removed and remediated right away, especially if its black mold. For example, the ceiling in your home or office, or part of it, might suddenly give way, and reveal that you have a major mold contamination on your hands. It may be an emergency, especially if it is black mold. Unless you have been trained to deal with mold remediation, you should not try cleaning it up on your own. Handling it improperly can cause more problems later down the road as it did not get properly cleaned and sanitized. Our team is available 24/7 to respond to mold emergencies. We provide fast responses to any water or mold disaster to help minimize additional damage to your New Haven, Connecticut home.

Learn About Our Process

A1R of New Haven can handle every kind of mold that may be growing in your home. We have had large mold projects and small mold removal projects. We make use of a thorough process in order to eliminate mold successfully. We also use state-of-the-art mold removal tools and solutions that are safe for them, your home and family, and the environment. We always follow a highly systematic process in order to get rid of unwanted mold. When you meet the members of our team, expect them to be wearing complete uniforms. The first step taken is inspecting your property so that we can identify any areas that require treatment. After the areas have been properly identified, we will remove the mold and treat any areas that have been infested mold using the most effective cleaners and solutions. After that, we will disinfect the treated areas and apply sealants to prevent moisture from entering your property. The problem is prevented from reoccurring by the sealants.

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